Pablo Lim 360 - Table Lamp

Pablo Lim 360 - Table Lamp

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LIM360 is a personalized, high-performance task lamp whose slim, compact frame allows light to assert its presence. The second iteration of the Lim lamp concept, its efficient form shapes a plane of illumination powered by an equally efficient power source — a continuous array of high-output, energy-saving LEDs. Furthering its suitability for workspaces, it combines seamless, 360° arm rotation with an integrated USB port for charging mobile devices. The base offers a soft, textured refuge for such devices and personal items

Tactile Design
Sophisticated materials and bold finish options allow LIM360 to compliment any environment.

Handy USB Port
Paired with an integrated USB port and an inviting surface, the Lim360 offers a space for charging mobile devices and storing personal items.

Details :
   • Arm and Base : Aluminium
   • Lens : Polycarbonate
   • Wood / Plastic magnet backed base
   • Color Temp : 3000K
   • Luminosity : 295 Lumens
   • Luminaire Efficacy : 50 Lumens / Watt

₱ 17,000.00


₱ 22,666.67

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